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A few people have been asking me lately what they can do to boost their immunity in these current conditions. Here are a few of the supplements I am giving my family daily, alongside of course our individual homeopathic treatment.

VITAMIN D One of the supplements I am using at the moment to boost my family’s immune system is vitamin D.

One of the best ways to absorb vitamin D is from the morning sun. However during the colder months I always like to increase my vitamin D levels with a good quality supplement.

ZINC Another important mineral for immunity is zinc. Foods really high in zinc are chicken and red meat, but almonds, cashews and baked beans are also good sources. Supplementing at the moment is also highly recommended, and interestingly zinc affects your sense of taste and smell!

VITAMIN C Of course we all know about the importance of vitamin C for our immune system. I recommend taking a daily maintenance dose and then increasing that level during any illness.

HOMEOPATHY Anas Barb is one of our homeopathic flu remedies that can be taken prophylactically to prevent illness. There are many remedies to help support your immune system through the flu, for my PDF of my top 3 flu remedies, sign up to my website in the pop up or fill out the contact form :)

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