Building your child’s immunity with homeopathy ❄️

It’s that time of year again where the constant swirl of viruses doing the rounds come home from school and daycare, infect everyone in the family, and then just when everyone is better they come back round again!

Homeopathy is not only great for naturally alleviating symptoms of illness when they arise, it’s also a very useful tool for building immunity and thus future disease prevention.

Regular homeopathic treatment with a homeopath can build up your child’s immune system making them stronger, more robust and less susceptible to every infection doing the rounds.

Seeing a homeopath for virus infections and for constitutional treatment, can prevent complications of an illness taking hold, lessening the need for chemical intervention such as antibiotics and pamol, and giving your child a stronger, healthier system all round.

If you need some help with managing illness in your family this winter, send me a message, or book an appointment with me here

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