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Anxiety is especially prominent at the moment among children and adults. Whether it's triggered by being stuck at home away from the normality of routine in yet another lockdown, or the threat of the virus itself, a well prescribed homeopathic remedy can ease the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of anxiety as well as prevent future attacks.

Most of us are living through a time like no other we have experienced in our lifetime.

Many of us are cut off from friends and family we could normally take a quick trip to see in another country. Some of us have even suffered the grief of losing loved ones and not being able to get back to say goodbye or attend funerals.

For a few of us these traumatic events will now stay with us for the rest of our lives, re-shaping how we interact in the world whether consciously or unconsciously. If not worked through and instead suppressed, this unhealed trauma can be the cause of anxiety attacks, depression, and other mental health problems either now or in the future.

Homeopathy gets to the root cause of the anxiety and trauma and works to release any energy attachments we have to the traumatic event, and thus a deeply profound healing takes place. The grief process is then able to be worked through in a healthy way as blocks to our bodies natural processes are removed, anxiety attacks lessen in intensity and frequency, and life can return to it's natural state of joy and ease.

If you are in need of some homeopathic support right now, send me a message to arrange a consultation via Zoom.

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