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Out of Body, Out of Mind

Chaos, overwhelm, and confusion of mind are all symptoms that we are too much in our heads, and out of touch with our body.

Our body is our temple, our home on this physical plane. Too often we overlook it's needs in favour of satisfying the ever attention-grabbing mind. The mind tells us we need this or that, or to do this new thing or move to that new place in order to satisfy it's desires. But in truth, the mind is never satisfied, and if we don't learn to quiet it's constant chatter it will take over and we will never truly feel fulfilled, no matter where we are, who we are with, what we have, or what we are doing.

Trauma takes us out of our body. We have all experienced trauma at some point in our lives. Taking ourselves out of our body is a way for our mind to escape. The mind wants to keep itself safe from the deep, heavy feelings associated with grief, shock and trauma, but in order to heal them we must allow ourselves the space to really feel into our bodies to be able to release it from the deepest part of our beings. We must be in our bodies to heal, we cannot heal on the level of the mind alone.

One simple way that I have learned, through my own coaching sessions, to move out of the chaos of the mind and back home into your body is by using the breath.

Moving in to the body and out of the mind through the breath is a powerful way to transform your life. By grounding back into the body we are connecting to the deeper, all knowing part of ourselves where wisdom resides, and solutions to problems just seemingly appear as we release all resistance and find ourselves back in the flow.

You can practice getting out of your head and back into your body right now from wherever you are. Simply take a moment to stop whatever you are doing and close your eyes, place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart and take 3 deep deep breaths. Fill your whole body with breath and slowly release. Do this 3 times and notice how you feel. Notice how you have shifted out of your mind and into your body and how different you feel in this space. Notice the peace you feel. This is your truth. This is the essence of who you are at the soul level.. feel the peace, love and grace that resides there and know that you can come back to this place anytime from anywhere, this is your home.

Commit to making this practice a daily ritual that you come back to whenever you catch yourself in overthinking or anxiety in your mind. Transformation comes from the small changes we make daily to create new and healthy habits that eventually add up to big shifts in our awareness and perspective.

***If you are struggling to connect back with your body and you require some extra assistance, please get in touch with me, with homeopathy we can safely and easily remove those blocks from past grief and trauma and help you find your connection once again.

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