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Postnatal Depression & the Birth of The Mother

We spend so much time in preparation for the birth of our babies that we actually overlook the equally important part of the equation that takes place on the same day, at the same time. That is the birth of the Mother.

Each time we birth a baby we are birthing a new part of ourselves as well, however by far the biggest transformation we undertake is the transition from being one single entity, a relatively carefree woman with a whole lot of freedom she probably didn't realise she had.. to becoming the mother of her first child.

In an instant your old life dissolves and your new life begins. Unfortunately most of us spend a fair amount of time struggling to still fit in to our old life without fully accepting this process of journeying into our new life, trying to convince ourselves that we are still the same person we were then, when the truth is we are not. Far from it. A massive change has taken place and we find ourselves in a struggle between push of our ego back to the familiar, and the pull of our soul carrying us into this new phase where we need to now grow into this new role of motherhood.

This struggle that we find ourselves in, is the space where postnatal depression lives.

A homeopathic consultation and remedy can guide us gently through these changes we are going through, and support us through the grieving process of leaving behind the old, so we can smoothly transition into this new phase of life with ease and joy.

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