The homeopathic approach to Asthma

Asthma and other respiratory illnesses have been the theme of my clinic and my home in the last couple of weeks!

How we address Asthma in homeopathy is a twofold approach.

Since Asthma is a chronic condition, we must address the underlying causes with constitutional treatment as well as support the person through acute attacks with the appropriate remedies.

Usually the acute phase is addressed first, as this is the point when the child is brought to me for natural help with their current symptoms.

After the acute symptoms have cleared we then move to the constitutional phase of the treatment plan.

This is the phase where we aim to strengthen the child’s entire being on all levels, and address any underlying weaknesses that have lead to their Asthma.

As a result the immune system starts to work more efficiently, lessening the frequency and intensity of future attacks.

Asthma can be helped naturally, however, as with most chronic conditions it will not be fixed overnight.. there is no such thing as a quick fix after all!

If you would like to lessen your child’s needs for steroids and other medications with a natural approach to asthma then feel free to PM me.. or book a free 15 minute consultation on my website and I can answer your questions 🤗

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