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Why balancing your hormones is the key to your reconnection with your divine feminine.

I have spoken a lot in the past about emotions and their effect on your physical well-being. Well today I am flipping that on it’s head and talking about how getting your hormones balanced on a physical level is pathway back to your spirituality, intuition and divine feminine connection.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Yet in our search for spirituality we can overlook what is necessary for our physical vessel which is the vehicle that also links us to our divine selves. We are rhythmical and cyclical by nature, our ancestors knew this and had a deep connection to our own personal rhythms which traditionally, like the tides, were linked with the cycles of the moon.

Many factors of our modern world have dragged us away from what is inherently natural for us. Artificial contraception such as the pill, hormone replacement therapies, drugs given to mothers before or during birth etc all play a part in disrupting our natural hormonal cycles. Even our lifestyles of constantly feeling the pressure to be on the go and glorification of being busy, take us away from our natural cycle of downtime and our time to go within, until this time is forced upon us by the manifestation of disease.

Balancing your hormones helps you to reclaim your sense of power and purpose, puts you in touch with your natural rhythms and intuition, so you can feel confident to say no to those things that no longer serve you and begin to truly value and honour yourself, your body and your spirituality.

A healthy cycle is a healthy life, in mind body and spirit.

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