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Hi, I'm Louise Davys DipHom (NZQA Level 7) & Mum of  3

My first personal experience with a homeopathic consultation was when my eldest son was about 10 months old.  At the time I was constantly tired, still struggling to adapt to my new life as a mother, but still trying to push on with life and routine in an attempt to feel as ‘normal’ as possible. 

Before giving birth I was a full time hairdresser running my own salon, I was used to being constantly on the go, chatting and laughing with every client who came in the door, and on my feet all day running from one person to the next.  Given that my son was born 2 weeks early via an emergency caeserian, I switched almost instantly from running a successful business to a life where I was exhausted, sleep deprived, mentally foggy, and having to succumb to a little person's needs all day when half the time I didn’t even know what they were.  I had never felt so lonely and out of control in my own life.

At the time I didn’t realise I was feeling that bad, but on the recommendation of a friend I booked in to see a homeopath.  I found even just the consultation itself very therapeutic, offloading all the baggage I was carrying around was a huge relief, but after just one dose of my remedy I woke up the next morning feeling BETTER than I could ever remember, not just how I felt before giving birth or pregnancy, but better than I had EVER felt.  I had a sense of clarity, energy and joy, it was as though a fog had been lifted off of me, a fog that I had lived with for so long I didn't realise it was even there.

I had already had some experience with using homeopathic remedies in acute situations on my baby so I already knew how effective homeopathy could be, but it wasn’t until my own experience with taking a remedy professionally prescribed that I began to realise the depth that homeopathy could work.  The sense of relief from the consultation and the emotional ease that I felt had a  flow on effect creating more joy and peace in all areas of my life.  I realised then that this is true healing, healing that can only happen when we begin to feel better about ourselves... and that is the power of homeopathy.

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