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Homeopathy for Families

Group Coaching & Support 

Monthly Membership

Become your own family's Homeopath


Empower yourself with the knowledge of how to take care of your sick children at home naturally with homeopathy in a supportive group setting.


Get access to live group coaching calls and all the educational material you need to get started on your homeopathic journey.


What's Included: 


  • Live monthly group coaching calls focusing on a different therapeutic topic each month and how to treat it using homeopathy.

  • A Video library of remedies for acute and first aid situations, so you can gain more in depth knowledge of each remedy and their significance on all levels - physical, mental & emotional.

  • Support in the forum to help you with your home prescriptions when your family are ill.

  • Discounts on all consultations, remedies and kits.

Join today with a 7 day FREE TRIAL! 

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Homeopathic Group Coaching, Education and Support
     7 day free trial
    • Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls
    • Video Library of Homeopathic Remedies
    • Support for your Home Prescriptions
    • Discounts on Consultations, Remedies & Kits
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