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Homeopathy for Coughs

Coughs are everywhere at the moment and they can certainly linger a while if not addressed quickly and correctly.

There are soooo many homeopathic remedies for coughs it can certainly be tricky to get the right one. That's why it's useful to have a selection of homeopathic remedies on hand, to be able to switch to a new remedy when needed (purchase a homeopathic remedy kit here)

Here are a few of the MOST USED homeopathic remedies for coughs in my household..


A cough that comes on after exposure to cold wind, this is the first go to remedy!


This cough can be dry or loose and come on at night around midnight, or 11pm-1am.

The cough can be worse for lying on their back, better for sitting up and better for warmth.

On the mental level they can feel very restless and anxious.

They will be thirsty for small sips of water.


This is typically a dry, tickly persistent cough, but can also be loose with blood streaked mucus raised.

The cough is worse for drinking, talking, eating, cold.. just about anything excites the cough!

This person might be very thirsty for ice cold drinks, but may vomit it back up when it warms in the stomach, and there may be hoarseness or loss of voice.


This is a dry painful cough where the person needs to clutch their chest when coughing.

This person will be thirsty for lots of water, and they could be grumpy and want to be alone.

The Bryonia cough can come on or be worse atat 9pm, and might also be accompanied by a headache.


This is a little tickly annoying cough worse for breathing cold air and taking a deep breath.

These people are better in warm air and may need to cover their heads with the blankets to avoid the cold.


This is a typical dry croupy cough that sounds much like a seal barking and generally comes in before midnight.

This person can be better from warm drinks and worse from cold.


Also a croup remedy, this cough is a loose cough that is also worse for cold and better for warm.

There can be an expectoration of yellow phlegm that smells like old cheese.

If these remedies don't fit or you need some help deciding send me a message, or book an appointment on my website, I would love to help you!

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