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The Trauma of Lockdowns, ‘Passes’ and the Peregrine Falcon remedy

We have so many remedies to draw on in homeopathy.

Today, in my clinic I came across the remedy Falco Peregrinus, which is the remedy made from the feather combined with a small sample of blood of the Peregrine Falcon.

I discovered that this remedy is useful for a number of physical complaints, along with quite a big mental emotional picture.

On the physical level there are a whole array of complaints that can range from a sore throat, nausea, headache and eye pain, to aching in the limbs and eczema on the skin.

On the mental/emotional level the person needing this remedy can feel like they are in isolation, and there's a strong feeling that they are being excluded by friends and family and society as a whole. 

There can be a sense of injustice and a lot of internalised anger and resentment.  They can feel deep shame and humiliation,  and these suppressed emotions can result in a deep sense of hopelessness.  If left unresolved for too long it may eventually render them completely apathetic and unable to perform their work and household duties.

As I prescribed this remedy today I realised that even 3 years on from lockdowns and 2 years on from the segregation of the 'passes', there is still a deep undercurrent of psychological trauma present in our society.

Anxiety and other mental/emotional problems are rife after the last few years. 

When we are IN the moment of dealing with life as it happens, we can be unaware of how it is affecting our psyche, and for a lot of people the repercussions of that are only just emerging now.

Homeopathy can help gently lift us out of our current emotional state by clearing the trauma at the root cause.  

The correct prescription helps to shift your perspective, build resilience and help you have the courage and confidence to speak your truth and live your most aligned path.

The remedy from the peregrine falcon is just one example in a whole tool box of remedies that can help you out of depression and anxiety and reach your full potential, and the best way to ensure you are getting the right remedy to help you is with a consultation.

My appointments for August are going to be HALF PRICE so there has never been a better time to get started on your journey with homeopathy. Click the link to request a booking today!

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